A Month of Raindays

Cute Ducks In Rain

just like water off a duck’s back

You’ve heard the expression “into every life a little rain must fall?” Whomever originated that expression clearly had never visited Vancouver. We have a reputation for being one of the admirably greenest and most temperate cities in the world. However, verdancy and cool climes throughout the year aren’t without their price.

I’ve never minded a shower, or even the odd precipitation of (ante)diluvian proportions that’s sometimes accompanied by the bonus lightning-and-thunder ensemble. It’s the constant plodding onslaught that goes on day after day without cease or change in rhythm that drives me up the proverbial wall.

Vancouverites last had this not-so-proverbial ‘month of raindays’ in June 2012. Boots, brollies and hoods were the order of the 20+ days that we were afflicted with (what should have been) the final biblical plague. The only creatures for whom the constant onomatoeipic drip, drip, drip cadence was water off a duck’s back … were the ducks. And of course, small children for whom the grown up consequences of splashing in puddles hadn’t yet manifested.

With almost British-like stoicism we bore this meteorological phenomenon … for 2 weeks before the gripes and mood swings began in earnest. We even made fun of it on the local news and used it as a scapegoat for explaining everything from disappointing attendance figures at local outdoor events to lower-than-last-year’s sidewalk sales at the shopping malls.

But when it finally looked like we were going to set a record for most consecutive days of rainfall in June 2012, on the Wet Coast, it was with anticipation rather than dread that we hoped and prayed for that umpteenth day of rain … which ultimately never materialized.

And then it was back to the famed defeatist attitude and acceptance of the drip, drip, drip for the rest of the summer :).

Still, I like the fact that I can bike in fall apparel during the first cold hard month of winter. Even if it is drizzling outside a bit. 🙂 And I can be reasonably assured that my urban garden will see a token amount of produce. 🙂

Note #1: ‘a month of raindays’ is a little word play on the expression ‘a month of sundays’ … a colloquialism for an indefinitely long period of time.

Note #2: Vancouver is actually not the rainiest place in the world. Per the rainappreciationsociety.com website, that top honour belongs to Cherrapunji, India with 1,265 cm each year. However, BC the province does claim (dubious) 8th place honours with Henderson Lake averaging 650cm of rainfall every year.


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