Your Pedestal is the Same Height As Mine


should I respect this tinhead?

In my books, heroes aren’t meant to be worshipped, because no perfect heroic being exists anywhere. The portrayal in media of fictional heroes as flawed entities–anti-heroes–is gaining far greater appeal with the moviegoing crowd and spells “blockbuster”. Why? Because someone who is gifted in some manner yet pays the price in another way, gets more empathy from the common man. We root for the underdog, but I think that a certain sense of schadenfraude enters the equation too. An anti-hero is a hero with an Achilles heel; he may be forced into playing a role and getting attention that s/he doesn’t want. A straight hero is hardly a fascinating or compelling character by today’s standards; s/he’s devoid of gravitas and emotional/physical complications. His (or her) story is not worth telling and certainly not worth the price of admission.

Maybe because when we’re faced with the heroes of real life situation who are not the embodiment of (indeed, far from) “perfection” — not possessing the pure goodness and beauty and strength that we blindly ascribe to comic book heroes as children — do we expect the same kind of flawed humanity and plausibility from heroes depicted in the cinematic arena.


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