A Plenitude of Plum Bums


poop when you eat drupes!

This is not an ode to the element lead, but the luscious fruit whose exterior curiously resembles a human posterior. The resemblance may not entirely coincidental, given their ability to endow regularity to our digestive system. 5-7 lbs of the larger, grenade-sized Jubilee reds, plus a pair of the smaller blue damsons, were freshly picked from our pesticide-free orchards today and sit in a couple of fruit bowls in all their undisturbed and unwashed glory–giving much needed relief to the heavily-laden branches of their exceedingly prolific parent trees while simultaneously rescuing them from the greedy clutches of backyard ‘coon bandits and seemingly innocent chickadees.

You could also be jammin’, juicin’, cookin’ and wine-ing with these juicy and portable, ready-to-eat meals. Cholesterol free, sodium free, and low in fat while contributing to your intake of dietary fibre, Vitamins B-6, C and K, these fleshy handfuls are relatively guilt-free, anti-oxidant-rich additions to your diet. It’s even been scientifically documented that plums are good for your eye health. They keep well in the fridge, and will continue to ripen even after plucking.

I can’t wait to embrace the panoply of colours and tastes that greengage plums will add to the mix when they ripen.

Scientific and nutritional facts are gathered from whfoods.org and the wiki on plums.


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