The Rise of 3D Printers: The Shape of Things to Come

3D Printers

giving a whole new meaning to “home made”

3D printers have been around for 20 years, but when vendors trotted out a veritable Noah’s ark of models at prices ranging from $500-$3000 at CES 2013, they could soon see the mainstream light of day. “Print me a wrench, cup, basketball, artificial hand or pair of jeans“ might even be joining your lexicon. And remember mom telling you never to play with your food? Imagine inputting raw ingredients to create food sculpted in the shape you want! (note:3D chocolate and cheese printers were launched last year). Obviously there are many implications–ethical, moral, economic, political–to making the art of reproduction available to anyone. That’s technology for you: a two-edged sword–but that’s the subject of another discussion altogether. Visit, a website dedicated to the sharing of user-created digital design files for physical objects, to learn what things are being designed with 3D printers.


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