New Blogging Disorders and Diseases


going where language has never gone

The popularity of blogging as a means to convey thoughts, opinions and information to various online audiences has given rise to a new breed of concurrent symptoms and disorders. These include, in descending order of importance and severity:

  • Bloggitis: the uncontrollable urge to make one’s thoughts and opinions known online.
  • Widgetphilia: love of using as many widgets as one can stuff on one’s blog.
  • Themelexia: the inability to select the correct theme for one’s blog.
  • Post Post Analysis Complex: the need to analyze (and edit) publicized posts to perfection.
  • Communityosis: the obsessive desire to have as many followers as possible for one’s blog.
  • Feedback Fever (aka Replybitis): the need to constantly have responses from the readers.
  • Draftophobia: fear of the Save Draft button (often associated with Writer’s Block).
  • Statliococci: the bacteria-driven compulsion to ramp up total blog hits quickly.

Those seriously contemplating a career in blogging should be aware of the potential health pitfalls outlined above. Those already doomed to a life of blogging should seek professional help as soon as possible. No known cures exist, but treatments are possible to lessen the extent of sufferers.


2 thoughts on “New Blogging Disorders and Diseases

  1. I have Bloggitis and Themelexia and sometimes Crapitis, which is when everything I type comes out as BS, there is also IVS, Irritable Vowel Syndrome, but let’s not go into that!


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