Finding Amazing on the Web

Death Star Canteen, Lego style

Lego Death Star Canteen (Photo credit: Thorn2200)

Social media platforms have given us a diversity of genuine talent (and not just those seeking their fifteen seconds of fame with life-threatening maneuvers or neotenic appeals — no offense to Grumpy Cat and Boo the World’s Cutest Dog) in many shapes and forms. Here are just a few personal favourites.

The extensive comedic repertoire of Eddie Izzard set to various Lego® animation shorts. These stop-frame animated videos are faithful (painstakingly so) down to each Lego piece, placement and movement. 

English: Photo of Jackie Evancho for promotion...

Jackie Evancho (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Classical crossover sensation Jackie Evancho. Close your eyes and you’ll forget that she was just 10 years old when she wowed America’s Got Talent judges with her spine-tinglingly mature renditions of O mio babbino, Time to Say Goodbye, and Pie Jesu.


Judson Laipply

Motivational speaker (and dancer extraordinaire!) Judson Laipply. His Evolution of Dance mashup has received over 222 million views, a figure that has since been eclipsed by gangnam, but nevertheless, I feel that there is an originality and freshness to EoD that gangnam simply can’t touch.


Melanie Stimmell, 3D sidewalk art (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It amazes me that anamorphism can give two-dimensional graffiti a three-dimensional depth (and break the fourth wall). The other amazing thing is that street painting has been around for 500 years, but only within the past 30+ years has it really gained pop culture status (if not status as a legitimate artform) among the masses.

Toothpick Art London Bridge

Toothpick art, London Bridge (Photo credit: Youtube)

Toothpick art. It takes talent, patience, hundreds of thousands of toothpicks and the need for very little sleep to create 3D sculptures. From the Taj Mahal to the Sydney Opera House to Big Ben to the Burj Khalifa to the London Bridge, it’s breathtaking to see well-known landmarks brought to life this way. It certainly puts to shame the modeling kits of old. After all, who needs pre-assembled plastic parts when a piece of wood will do?


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