Il Divo: Oh Man. Oh Armani.

The Promise (Il Divo album)

The Promise – 2008 Il Divo album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Il Divo. The reason I first started listening to popera. Add dashing good looks, a repertoire of smooth moves, and their trademark Armani suits, and you’ve got the first boy band of classical crossover, slickly packaged as baritone Carlos, pop singer Sebastian, and classically trained tenors Urs and David. Sure, they always have a full orchestra accompaniment — but each of these guys have an amazing set of pipes, too.

The product of an intensive, two-year talent search and the brainchild of Simon Cowell, the members of Il Divo hail from the U.S., France, Germany/Spain and Switzerland, with equally diverse vocal backgrounds in heavy metal, pop music and opera. Il Divo has been a juggernaut, unleashing nine years of hits on the often demanding live concert circuit since their introduction to the world on November 1st, 2004, with the release of their eponymously-titled debut album.

Cover of the DVD Encore

Cover of the DVD Encore (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Their music celebrates love, loss, heartbreak, the holidays, victory and redemption in English as well as the Romance languages of French, Italian, Spanish and Latin (and if you love their music as much as I do, you’ll also learn to sing the lyrics in those other tongues) with dignity and drama. Their covers of well-known favourites from several music genres (My Way, Unchained Melody, Ave Maria, Amazing Grace, Alleluia, All By Myself, Nella Fantasia, Time to Say Goodbye) as well as their original compositions (Isabel, Mama, The Man You Love, Everytime I Look at You) are emotionally laden, tour-de-force performances.

Off the stage, there’s a genuine camaraderie between the four; they are approachable, engaging, and never at a loss for words during fan vidchats and talk show interviews, and constantly clown around with each other. Even if, as they have admitted, working together constantly for almost a decade makes them more of a family (or, in this case, brothers) than friends.


on Broadway (Photo credit:

And their accomplishments? In addition to almost 1 million FaceBook fans, over 43000 Twitter followers, over 7.3 million Youtube views plus high-profile studio/live collaborations with Katherine Jenkins, Celine Dion, and Barbra Streisand, Il Divo has released a movie, two books, six DVDs, and seven multi-platinum albums that have collectively sold 26 million copies to date. Il Divo shows no signs of slowing down — even though three of the four members have already settled into the rhythm of family life. Somehow, even knowing that the majority of this quartet are now “off the market” doesn’t lessen their appeal to their core audience, which is unabashedly and largely female (of which I also am guilty as charged) — but that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as husbands, boyfriends and fiancés can attest to: probably nothing will get you faster out of the doghouse than tickets to a live Il Divo performance.

Visit for their upcoming tour dates. Il Divo: A Musical Affair, their eighth album (sixth studio album), will be released on November 5th, and accompanied by a limited engagement of live Broadway shows from November 7th-13th.


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