The Long Road to Acceptance


my pond


it’s a scary and tough world out there

The world can be a big tough and scary place to be in. You are adored and nurtured and sheltered from its cynicism and negativity for years with all things good and kind. You are the light of someone else’s life, but one day, you’re out there on your own. It’s a bigger pond and even though you’re a “grownup” too, you’re just a small fry. Your bravado and confidence and innocence are tested time and again, and you’re often feeling afraid and alone in your way of thinking and socially awkward. You want to feel accepted just the way you are and were when you were little, when the universe obeyed your wishes and your whims alone, and unconditionally.


can I join your group?

You’re unsure of your place and destiny in this world. You don’t understand who wrote the new rules, which seem to change all the time. It’s easy to feel like you stick out like a sore thumb, and you don’t fit in with others, so you do as others do. You try things you wouldn’t normally do, like a glove or a pair of shoes, to belong. Sometimes doing it makes you feel good and sometimes doing it doesn’t. You find out what works for you.


sorry, but you’re just not a good fit. so long and good luck.

And yes, you will face rejection many times and ask yourself constantly “Why not me?” when you know that you should be given just one chance to prove yourself, because you can do “it” and do “it” very well.

llama hair days

I matter

But bad days and bad hair days are temporary, even though the struggle seems to be endless, because the day will come when your voice will be heard and your efforts rewarded. Your opinions will matter.


they matter

Because someone has finally listened. You will belong with others who have been on the same journey as you. You understand them and they understand you. And it is then that you learn to accept and value yourself for yourself, and do the same for others, whether we’re birds of a feather or wear stripes instead of spots or leather instead of fur or scales instead of blubber. We are kindred spirits on the inside.


one four all and all four one

Together our experiences get us to this place of acceptance. A place inside of us all that makes us a community of like-minded dreamers and thinkers and doers. With our creative vision and accumulated wisdom, we build bridges and a shared future together, whether we call the skies or oceans or land our home. Each and every voice is heard and counts, because no matter how different we look, we have just each other in this lifetime, and we’re all in this big mess together. Let’s make the most of it.


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