4 Things I Learned Today


it’s not rocket science

Coherent, lucid and well-constructed thoughts that are not promptly penned down on paper or saved to the hard drive of my laptop are chocolate for my soul and caffeine for my brain. Unfortunately they also pre-empt a good night’s sleep. So there is something to be said for being babblingly incoherent if not outright out of your mind immediately prior to entering REM mode.

Knowing that the pet name for tomatoes is “tommytoes” is cute. Knowing that “mouse turd” is slang for mustard is not (and probably why I never warmed up to it. Nothing like “rat scat” to take the edge off my appetite).


it’s not algebra, geometry or calculus

Destroying a couple of digital cameras with a sledgehammer is darned near impossible. A few lumberjack-style whacks won’t do it. Even if you’re a big, beefy guy (and I’m anything but). You’re more likely to split your shins than crack the camera lenses.

Stirring a freshly opened jar of natural peanut butter just once with a butter knife and refrigerating said peanut butter jar thereafter eliminates the need to stir it constantly before each and every use. (Do not attempt refrigeration with regular peanut butter. Ever).


Your comments are like chocolate for my soul ... I can never get enough of them! Bonus brownie points for witty comments! I love a good turn of phrase. :)

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