Satisfying My Sweet Tooth

Pink velvet cupcake.

Pink Velvet Cupcake by Arnold Gatilao, CC-BY-2.0

Eddie Izzard immortalized the question “Cake or death?” Well, the fusion of my fascination with art and desserts could mean death by cake. Guess that’s a risk you have to take when it’s love at first bite. Here is my personal triumvirate of tastebud tempters. A trio of ways to make the quest for the six-pack ten steps more unattainable. (Oh wait … just three?)

Frosted Cupcakes > I’m trying to fool my waistline into thinking that miniaturizing a calorie-loaded cake that may feed ten to fifteen mouths comfortably into two-bite portions that will feed one mouth will help. Or maybe just eating the un-sugared bottom half–the mini-muffin–will be penance enough. Would it be blasphemous for me to admit that using spreadable Philly cream cheese in lieu of honest-to-goodness icing works just as well?

Red Velvet Cake > Maybe it’s the rich red colour. Or the use of the word velvet. Or the buttercream frosting. The first time I laid lips on a slice of red velvet cake, compliments of BG Urban Cafe, I was lost to its sinfully good taste! You’ll forget that a healthy dose of sweet beets may have gone into its creation. Knowledge of how to make it in Canada during the 40s and 50s was about as erudite as the Caramilk Secret. And though it may have made a comeback, alas, in Vancouver, finding Red Velvet cake is about as easy as winning the lottery.


cakes by Bunchofpants, CC-BY-NC-SA-2.0

Specialty Theme Cakes > Gone are the days when rectangular/square/round cakes with candles and a lone token shape symbolizing the special occasion sufficed (but DQ ice cream cakes will always hold a special place in my heart). Today, you can get handbag cakes, shoebox and high heel cakes, hat cakes, moose (not mousse! :)) cakes, Angry Bird cakes, Starbucks cakes, football cakes, car cakes, flag cakes, camera cakes, picnic cakes … whatever your imagination can think up can be made edibly fashionable, and fashionably edible. Almost too good to eat.


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