The Most Important Thing That Women Should Know About Men

Entwined Lovers

love has no strings. sometimes.

No matter how much men say they love you (on Valentine’s Day, your birthday, Christmas, and sometimes even on your wedding anniversary), And let you go to town with their credit cards (and sometimes over it with the $900 Gucci or Coach handbag, which we always promise will be our last big splurge ever (again) on your plastic), Let you granny drive their car without proper gear shifting (and take in stride the odd dent (or two) that you put into their baby), Forgive you for the times that you “forget” to fill up the car (mistake lug nuts for lug bolts, and giggle when you hear the word “dipstick” used), Hold your handbag and jacket when you are clothes/shoes shopping, (or decide to invade the garage and frilly it up with pink Hello Kitty doilies), And even share their dreams with you in that rare moment (that’s not fueled by alcohol or an end-of-the-world epiphany), They will never ever Give you the password to their fantasy sports leagues.


3 thoughts on “The Most Important Thing That Women Should Know About Men

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