When I Hit the [Like] Button

Gimme Five

gimme five!

A personal guide to de-mystifying my use of the WordPress Like, Reblog, Share and Follow buttons. I use these buttons, not because I am trying to gather followers, ramp up the hits for my own blog, get likes for my own posts, for any other kind of quid pro quo relationship, or even a twisted Pavlovian desire for validation. I am curious, and I enjoy what you blog about, for the pure and simple sake of enjoyment. There are no strings attached–as altruistic and syrupy as that may sound.

When I hit the [Like] button,

Red Like ButtonI like your post. Whether it is featured under Freshly Pressed or just the Reader. Whether it has no likes or 10 likes or 1000 likes. Whether it tells a story with a photo and a handful of words in prose or poetry, or a story with a handful of photos. I take in every word and every image. If the journey that your post takes me on transforms my way of thinking in even the smallest way, it deserves a [Like].

When I hit the [Reblog] button,

Red Reblog ButtonI really like your post. The message you’ve conveyed is one that resonates with me, is thought provoking, and/or is appropriate for the moment, and I would like to share it on my own blog. It may be a cute way of announcing a life milestone, like the birth of a baby, or the way that you, as a furry four-footed blogger, have changed the life of a human you own.

When I hit the [Share] button,

Red Share ButtonI really, really like your post. So much so that it should be shared on other social media platforms with my friends and family on FaceBook and Google+. It tells a story that is one-of-a-kind. Like the one of the devoted seventy-year old farmer who builds a heart-shaped tribute to his dearly departed wife of thirty-three years, using trees to make an eco-sculpture that is only visible from the air.

When I hit the [Follow] button,

Red Follow ButtonI love your blog. Whether it has won an award. 2 awards, 10 awards, or none. Whether it has 10 followers or ten thousand followers. Because there is plenty there to inspire me. Not just a post, or posts. It’s the way you compose your thoughts. It’s how well you describe yourself on your About page. It’s your style and sense of humour, and how they make me contemplate my own. 


Your comments are like chocolate for my soul ... I can never get enough of them! Bonus brownie points for witty comments! I love a good turn of phrase. :)

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