Daily Prompt: Humble Pie

French bread sandwich with fries.

French bread sandwich with fries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It was the very first office/catered lunch that I had during my first couple of weeks on my first real job. I thought, why not, it beats brown bagging leftovers from last night’s dinner every day. We all ordered sandwiches from a local restaurant. I can’t remember exactly what kind I ordered–it may have even been a chicken salad sandwich–but mine was a rather plain affair, at least compared to the other, much more colourful choices of my co-workers.

As soon as the orders arrived at the office, they were placed on a table. The restaurant was actually Continue reading

Haiku is Hard, With a Capital H

Fifth grade was the one and only time that I ever wrote haiku. Until this week, when it became the WordPress Weekly Writing Challenge, in spades — times five, to be exact. Writing haiku is hard. It is so deceptively simple on the surface. Even now, I still don’t really understand it. Every word must encapsulate such descriptiveness. Is there a logic to the seemingly Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! (II)

Strains of Elvis Presley’s cover of “Blue Christmas” are worming themselves into my ears right now. My dad took this photo of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, going through its most iconic colour change of the night. This is an amazing light and sound show at night, but even during the day, this is an impressive place to visit! The other night shot of these SuperTrees can be found here.


Yes, those are people walking on the red-lit 128m walkway between 16 storey-tall ‘SuperTrees’. Enjoy the views, even if you’re a bit tentative about heights — you’re 22m above the ground!

Carl Warner’s Foodscapes.



I got an email from my old friend who lives in Australia. From this email I found out about English photographer Carl Warner.

His life is very interesting. The article below tells how his imagination and hard work made him a very successful and well-known photographer.


Carl’s niche are foodscapes. It take enormous imagination, planning and a lot of time to prepare them and then to photograph them.

The results are beautiful. Below are two of his foodscapes.

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Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! (I)

If there’s one place where the phrase “lit up like a Christmas tree” applies in full measure, it’s certainly here. My dad took this photo of Singapore’s Gardens by the Bay, going through their–arguably–second-most popular/watched colour change of the night.

With the Marina Bay Sands casino in the backgorund.

With the S$8 billion Marina Bay Sands Resort and Casino in the background.


Weekly Writing Challenge: An Insomnia Haiku

Street Lamp

Street Lamp (Photo credit: Aesum)

Wide-eyed and awake.
Sleep, that elusive creature,
Happens far too late.

Daily Prompt: Fear Factor

Fear terror eye

Fear terror eye (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

It’s not snakes or spiders or scorpions, because I’ve worn and carried fifteen foot boa constrictors without complaint (on the contrary, with a great deal of joy and wonder), and held both a giant scorpion and a tarantula in the palm of my hands without flinching. Wriggly earthworms and slugs and snails disgust me more than scare me. In fact, I have few, if any phobias about fauna and flora. I tend to have a general admiration, if not respect, for those who cannot speak in the same tongue of human as I. As shocking as this may sound, I don’t even really have a fear of [my] death … which gives me a certain sangfroid about my own mortality.  Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: Unexpected (II)

Here’s a shot of two Pacific Heliport Services HeliJets, with the one on the right getting ready to airlift a wounded individual to the nearest hospital. This photo was taken at maximum zoom from the Lookout tower, which offers amazing 360 degree views of Metro Vancouver from almost 500 ft above street level. I definitely did not expect to see this; but fortunately, the wounded individual in question was conscious and sitting upright in the gurney when he was being loaded in.

A Pair of Helijets

These seemingly toy-sized helicopters provide Air Medical Services, and are ready to leave on a moment’s notice from the Vancouver Harbour Heliport.