What Acronyms Really Stand For

Motorin' Hound

“every absurdity has a champion to defend it” – Oliver Goldsmith

It was quite a few years ago, but I still recall a local radio commercial that recounted a conversation between two motorists. Each was praising the other’s outstanding and appropriate road etiquette in angry but unsarcastic voices (“Mr. Perfect Lane-Changer!”) The juxtaposition between intonation and subject matter was just priceless.

So. On the topic of juxtaposition of the ridiculous, I mused, what if naughty acronyms could be sanitized? Here are my takes–the language police be damned. Oh Mother Goose, Where’s the Food?, Friend You (as in, I (FaceBook) Friend You), and Doing OK, Ace.

I’m glad we had this discussion. Clears up any misunderstandings.

There were acronyms that started out good. Some even had a noble purpose, but thanks to internet memes, went disastrously bad. Like a Jedi Master who had been turned by the dark side of the Force into a Lord of the Sith. So bad that no amount of corrective PR could right that wrong, and forced the creator come up with another acronym.

On the flip side of the coin, there are acronyms that should have been tested and sounded out before they were adopted and implemented. Quite a few years ago, two of our local BC political parties decided to re-form under a new name: Canadian Conservative Reform Alliance Party. Politics is a dirty business, but you’d think that someone would have figured out that naming the party CCRAP would not have endeared themselves to voters or potential recruits. To say nothing of the field day that newspapers and political cartoon satirists would have using that party acronym during elections.

For more truly LOL acronyms, visit unfortunateacronyms.com and discover what ASS, BRA, LSD, NUT, STD, WUSS, really stand for. You’ll sleep better.


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