My Thoughts on Michael Jackson’s Invincible Album

MJ Invincible Album

Michael Jackson, The Invincible Album (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first time I listened to Michael Jackson’s tenth and final studio album, it was obvious to me that Invincible, despite its punchy title, represented a significant departure from the music of Jackson’s Thriller, Bad, Dangerous, History, and Blood on the Dance Floor albums. Less showmanship, more song. Less flash and razzle dazzle; more simplicity. Maybe that’s why I really like the songs on this album.

Notwithstanding the presence of songs like “Privacy”, and “Threatened”, which pay homage to “Billie Jean”, and “Dirty Diana”, respectively, with their themes of groupies and paranoia, Invincible recalls the innocence-mixed-with-angst of his early solo singing career. The music reaffirms Jackson’s talents as balladeer. To be unadorned, and emotionally naked. To make the listener feel as if it is just Jackson singing for them in a small room.

The lack of promotion by Sony and a tour for this album made Invincible a comparatively small success next to Bad, Dangerous, and Thriller. Still, commercial hit or no, I believe Invincible stands on its own, and not as some critics have said, a retread of his greatest hits, despite comparisons to past songs. “Cry” (shades of Earth Song), the laudatory “You Are My Life” (a moving tribute to his children), the pleading “Don’t Walk Away” (the flip side of “She’s Out of My Life”), and my favourite, “Speechless”. I get chills when I hear Speechless; if there was ever a song that expressed the wonder of being in love with such adoration, this is that song.


12 thoughts on “My Thoughts on Michael Jackson’s Invincible Album

  1. Note that this album, a supposed “failure” for Michael Jackson, sold over 13M–a pretty major hit for anyone else on the planet.

    My take on “Speechless” has always been that he’s talking not to a lover, but to God (a higher power). I agree it’s beautiful–the intro is like you said, he’s singing so intimately–it can make other artists look like downright cowards…


    • agreed — Michael’s standards for success were much higher than anyone else’s 🙂

      that’s a good interpretation! He was not afraid to cry on “She’s Out of My Life.”

      thanks for commenting! 🙂


  2. Well done, I liked early MJ, but got tired of all the hype surrounding him. Your review will cause me to check out “Invincible” and especially, “Speechless”. He was definitely one of the greatest performers of all time.


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  4. oh this was so beautiful! I feel speechless right now to describe how listening to this awesome song made me feel. Thank you for having the courage to blog about this. I agree, Michael Jackson’s songs had magic in them, a spark of the divine. Perhaps he was talking about God.


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