Daily Prompt: Tattoo…. You?

1st Tattoo Show in Singapore

1st Tattoo Show in Singapore (Photo credit: williamcho)

Tattoos symbolize some milestone of life: a relationship, having a child, or an accident (good or bad). They can represent a personal philosophy, a rite of passage (usually into adulthood), or simply a desire to make one’s body a canvas/eye candy for others/conversation piece. Tattoos are intriguing; I’ll even admit to watching a handful of Miami Ink and Naked Vegas (full body painting) episodes for purely artistic reasons.


IMG_0116 (Photo credit: bankbryan)

Having said that, though, I have no tattoos — hidden or visible. But–and strictly as a sidebar–I think that it would be kind of cool to have a scar that looks like a lightning rod (a thousand apologies to J.K. Rowling!)

If I had to get a tattoo, it would be of the temporary airbrush variety. The wing of a phoenix with the Latin words ”Sui generis” underneath it, would be inscribed on the underside of my left forearm, so that it would only be visible in a certain position. Permanent tattoos fall under the personal category of “nice to look at, but don’t touch or think about getting them.”

Because, in the long run, though, I’ll probably settle for t-shirts that commemorate watermarks and achievements (e.g. “I climbed Mount Everest” or “I survived cancer”). Less permanence, less pain, and less potential harm than a permanent tattoo (former Battlestar Galactica and NeverEnding Story child star Noah Hathaway discovered just how agonizing it was to get his wedding ring tattooed on). And if that milestone for which I got that tattoo should change down the line–substantially–at least I won’t have to be creative like Johnny Depp was with one of his. 🙂


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