My Favourite Christmas Songs

red and white Christmas baubles (PublicDomainPictures, PixaBay)

red and white Christmas baubles (Photo credit: PublicDomainPictures / PixaBay)

Christmas is just around the corner. 24 days away, to be exact. Time to catalogue the madness that is Christmas shopping: overcrowded malls kitted out with season-appropriate decorations, and blasting holiday music; hot-to-trot (and out-of-stock) gifts; the headaches of being around hundreds of other people; the repeated loops around jam-packed parking lots; the long lineups of parents and children, waiting to have their photo taken with Santa; the traffic snarls that come with early surprises of the white stuff; and the need to don gloves, and dress in many layers of clothing.

Or better yet, just shop online and avoid all of the above altogether. And think about holiday music (which has already started playing on some radio stations as early as the beginning of November) that makes me feel better. It’s soul candy for me. Because Christmas is a time for inner reflection–more so than any other time of the year (birthdays included). Here are my twelve favourites, in no particular order — one for each of the twelve days of Christmas.

  1.  “Believe” (sung by Josh Groban)
  2.  “Do You Hear What I Hear” (sung by Whitney Houston)
  3.  “Carol of the Bells” (performed by The Trans-Siberian Orchestra)
  4.  “Amazing Grace” (sung by Il Divo)
  5.  “When a Child is Born” (sung by Andrea Boccelli)
  6.  “Lost in the Snow” (sung by Russell Watson)
  7.  “Do They know It’s Christmas?” (sung by Band Aid)
  8.  “All I Want for Christmas is You” (sung by Mariah Carey)
  9.  “Up on the House Top” (sung by The Jackson Five)
  10.  “Marshmallow World” (sung by Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra)
  11.  “Mary’s Boy Child” (sung by Boney M)
  12.  “Grownup Christmas List” (sung by Natalie Cole)


4 thoughts on “My Favourite Christmas Songs

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