Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil

Hear speak see no evil Toshogu cropped enhanced

Hear speak see no evil Toshogu cropped enhanced (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You’ve heard of the expression, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothing at all?” I first heard of this principle, not from my parents, but from watching Disney’s Bambi, when Thumper is getting rather publicly remonstrated by his mother (in front of his many sisters and Bambi) for speaking out of turn (and being too candid about Bambi). Not by coincidence is this called the Thumperian principle.

I once overhead a conversation in the office that roasted a fellow co-worker (who happened to be absent from his desk) over the proverbial coals. Now the guy in question was hardly St. Francis Assisi; I had dealt with him before and privately found him to be someone who was more fond of making grandiose promises than keeping them. But to hear his colleagues, his so-called “friends” and lunch buddies, all trying to top each other by vociferously poking fun at his character with less-than-choice words was shocking to the extreme. It definitely made me uncomfortable, and even more so because they were all making no attempts to keep their voices down. Call me overly sensitive, but it made me wish that I was on lunch, away from the office on an errand, or on vacation; anywhere but there and privy to slander.


4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Hear No Evil

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