Weekly Photo Challenge: Let There Be Light! (V)

Glow-in-the-dark, colour-changing fabric flowers going through their red stage (and yes, that is a butterfly just below the topmost flower). The red light refracting off hints at the edges of a plastic box (which was removed via post processing). Now if only I had an operational lava lamp to shoot …

Glowing Fabric Flowers

The fiber optic filaments of these fabric flowers may be pretty to look at, but are hard to capture, especially in pitch black darkness, without fill-in flash, and with 2-second changes.

What do Sushi and Hockey Have in Common? (Two Things)

Many types of sushi ready to eat.

Many types of sushi ready to eat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I acquired a fascination for sushi, sashimi, tempura, and robata quite a few several years ago. The bite-sized nature of these delicacies make them easy to eat …. so it’s rather ironic that I have never mastered the art of holding or using my chopsticks properly. The waiters always pause and sometimes give me strange looks when a fork is requested instead–which, much to my amusement, invariably gets given to my non-Asian eating partner. Or partner(s). Continue reading