Daily Prompt: The Power of Touch


Pomeranians (Photo credit: MissTessmacher)

The texture that is particularly evocative for me is the fur of a long-haired dog. Most recently, it is the coats of two adorable small dogs.

It was when I brought my car to the home of a friend to get my brakes changed that I first became acquainted with Ella and Teddy, the resident pair of Pommies (and hosts of the place). The moment I pulled up to the gated driveway, I was greeted by two balls of tan fur plunking their tiny paws on the other side and yipping at the tops of their voices.

The gate doors swung open, and this furry, lively pair (who must have naturally-caffeinated systems) swooped in, each wanting to be the first in line to get a good petting. They hung close to my ankles, their elaborate fans of tails waved to and fro as they vied for attention before anything else got done. Teddy, with both a chronic bad hair day as a result of fur that never grew back properly, and a rakish appearance thanks to one eye that is permanently and naturally closed, is more self-possessed. I gave him his due through his thick double coat and behind the ears awhile making sure to avoid the bald patches. He called an end to it after thirty seconds, and headed onto the lawn to gnaw at his favourite chew toy.

Ella, on the other hand, is more dainty, and clearly the winner in the looks department. She wanted to be stroked behind the ears, but was particular about where she wants to be stroked on her back, which she indicated by turning here and here. Her outer coat, although coarse as a Pomeranian’s is, is softer and less tangled than Teddy’s. I quickly picked up a small shadow as we prepped to get the brakes off the car. It’s Ella. She is curious and a bit needy, following us every few steps, but not in a way that would get her underfoot or make her a speed bump (unlike a human toddler).

This pair reminded me so much of my own dog Ben, who being part Pekinese through his dam and part German Shepherd through his sire was quite the spunky beast himself, albeit in a smaller package. He had an attitude, particularly about wiping his feet after coming in from the outside, and was such a scrapper; on at least one occasion, he was even known to start fights with much bigger dogs. Nevertheless, if I want to feel relaxed and good at the same time, I pet a dog. It is both therapeutic for me and the furry four-footed ones.


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