Daily Prompt: Release Me

Speechless (Michael Jackson song)

Speechless (Michael Jackson song) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The blog post that I was the most nervous to publish was My Thoughts on Michael Jackson’s Invincible Album. It was a post that I felt really bared my soul to one and all in the WordPress community. Although Mr. Jackson still retains a huge, posthumous fan following for his 40+ years of contributions to the music industry, I knew that there was also a large anti-Jackson camp who would seek to magnify his personal/family life as well as his rocky and highly sensationalized relationships with the press. Although I would not classify myself as an ardent Jackson fan, I do love his music for the most part, and I am quite the sensitive individual; the opinions of others do matter to me. So to mitigate the negativity that I imagined would arise from the publication of this post, I released it along with two other posts on that same day–effectively burying it.

This post was not written with the intent of driving up views to my blogsite, nor garner likes. It was, however, my intent to explain why I was so genuinely fascinated with the musical genius that is Michael Jackson on his tenth and final studio album. Little did I know just how many Michael Jackson followers there were in the WordPress community. The next day, my blog post was reblogged on another Michael Jackson blogsite, and my daily views hit their (then) high of 91, with 48 of them coming from that one blog post.

This blog post has, to date, received 100 views, 15 likes, and 1 Twitter, and 14 FaceBook shares. People have commented positively on it–a few going so far as to voice their desire to get the album or listen to the song because of my post (I have influence? Wow!) Granted, it may not have racked up the thousands of views that other blog posts have garnered, but for me, it was certainly a milestone to get that feedback. It is my second-most viewed and shared blog post (it has since been superseded by another music-based blog post called The Man with the Voice of an Angel: Josh Groban (with 144 views, 9 likes, 2 Twitter shares, and 29 FaceBook shares to date). Both blog posts continue to receive views every few days.

Does it give me a sense of relief, even vindication, to see that my blog post was well received, and even commented on? Oh yes. But the experience has also taught me to write for myself first, have an opinion, and stick by it.


Your comments are like chocolate for my soul ... I can never get enough of them! Bonus brownie points for witty comments! I love a good turn of phrase. :)

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