Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect

brain cancer cells and released BCNU

brain cancer cells and released BCNU (Photo credit: pennstatenews)

Without a doubt, the single ailment that I would create a painless, inexpensive cure for would be cancer. Why? Because there is no bulletproof vest against cancer; no one is immune by virtue of their demographics or genetics: birth, upbringing, social standing, intelligence, age and even (good) health are irrelevant. The insidious reach of cancer extends to the powerful, wealthy, poor, beautiful, homely, and the good as well as bad. Cancer ravages the body, soul, and mind, and turns the previously stalwart defenders of our body on ourselves. It is the ultimate betrayal.

Pink Pills

Pink Pills (Photo credit: phonakins)

Cancer impacts the lives of even those who have evaded it, forcing us to face the question of mortality ourselves, weigh our sins and deeds, and wonder how the axe will fall on us. It is troubling enough to know that just one friend or family member is fighting a battle against the enemy within–an individual whose best course of action requires painful radiation and chemotherapy that may result in remission. Success is often expressed with survival rates in single-digit percentages that do little to boost one’s morale.

I’d create a pink capsule–and it is fitting that it should pink, because that is the colour to inspire hope and end the bullying of ourselves by our immune systems–to forever suppress the conversion of these white cells into extinguishers of hope. Just one dose would be needed to boost and extend the quality of life, so we have the preciousness of experiencing those extra moments with loved ones in full measure.


5 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Placebo Effect

  1. Oh, what a great thought. And I hope your pink pill would not cause all your hair to fall out, too!! Cure and you keep your hair. Cancer is so scary, I revert to joking.


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