Daily Prompt: Out of Your Reach


Falabella-Miniature-Horse photo credit: jonobacon via flickr CC-BY-2.0

I was never the type of girl who wanted Ken and Barbie dolls (or the latter’s million-and-one accessories). As a child, the one thing I wanted during the holidays or on my birthday was a reddish-brown Argentinian Falabella mini-horse with a long blonde mane (not the My Little Pony ponies (really, ponies sleeping in beds and cooking in kitchens designed for humans?))

Because I remember being seven and riding a handwalked pony on a summer’s day, with a cowboy hat perched on my head at Stanley Park, and I was hooked on the all-too-short experience.  Continue reading

Hey, You’re Sittin’ in Your Own Do(o)!

Ducks just aren’t too particular about where they plunk their posteriors down (I’ll remember that fact the next time I need to buy a down jacket or a down-filled comforter). But I suppose when you go fishing in your own toilet, some disregard for personal hygiene is to be expected.

Mallard Hen gives me the 200-degree stare.

Mallard Hen gives me the 200-degree stare.

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Daily Prompt: Come Fly with Me

Malaysia's Flag

Malaysia’s Flag (Photo credit: .ET.)

The furthest I’ve ever traveled from home is Malaysia. Malaysia is sixteen time zones and over 7700 miles away from Vancouver. A marathon, 20+ hour non-stop flight with up to a 3-hour stopover in Seoul, Korea. One can only read the in-flight magazines for so long, and if you’re a speed reader, you had better bring other means of diversion like an iPhone or tablet PC, or resign yourself to the limited selection of onboard movies and music. Or just go to sleep, if you can do it with all the goings-on in the background. Continue reading