My First Pink Salmon

Caught my first pink salmon in 2009, just from the shore of the popular Dyke Trail in Richmond, BC. For a two-and-a-half pounder, it sure put up a fight for five minutes–so much so that one of my fellow fishers must have noticed my panicked expression and offered to help me bring it in (nothing at all like the nihilistic lingcods that I hauled up boat fishing a few years before).

Autumn Fog

Every 2 years, the pink salmon return to the Fraser River, and I apparently make it a point to haul in just one. It’s better than none, but one more would help make it a less expensive catch.


4 thoughts on “My First Pink Salmon

  1. Ah! Your salmon is so beautiful and from this cozy chair I’m sitting in well worth a five minute fight. Did you have two or three of those five minute fights in you?

    (I JUST had my very first fishing adventure which naturally – ha! – qualifies me to hang with regulars like you and trade fishing tales. (Okay, maybe not trade, but I’m nearly ready (finally) to write blog post about it.)


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