More Feathered Backyard Visitors

Grey Bushtit

Grey Bushtit

Well, we put finally the birdseed out, but our backyard visitors seem to prefer the seeds of the Douglas Fir instead, and are constantly flitting about from there to the fruit trees. I wonder what’s going to happen when the birdfeeder goes up. Will they ignore the nommy fruit and nut suet treat, too? (They’re ignoring the birdhouse too, although the bumblebees who have taken over may have something to do with it). The nectar in the hummingbird feeder has not been touched since it was cleaned and put back up a few weeks ago. Perhaps we are being too subtle. Should we also invest in neon signs and a marching band?

Dark-Eyed Oregon Junco

Dark-Eyed Oregon Junco

These little dickey birds are expanding my knowledge of local birds, especially the ones who choose to winter here. Photos here were shot at maximum zoom (about 15 feet away and 20 feet above the ground) through a thick pane of glass, so not the sharpest images, but you get the idea.

Today’s cameos were courtesy of a group of adorable grey bushtits, and a Dark-Eyed Oregon Junco–first time I’ve seen this one.

Grey Bushtit

A baker’s dozen of dickey bird partials, blurs, and overshadowed shots is what it took to get the money shot: this Grey Bushtit is evidently mesmerized by something in the Douglas Fir.  I wonder if it is just coincidence, but most of the birds who visit our backyard tend to be male.


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