Daily Prompt: You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (mu...

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No one is perfect; everyone has at least one weakness. But without imperfection, there would be no goal to strive for, no progress to be made to improve.

My least favourite personal quality in others is their inability to keep their word. Ultimately, it is deeds that matter to me more than words, but a promise to do something is equally golden, and an inviolate contract, whether written or unwritten. Too many times, I have heard lofty, unrealistic words from others who love to utter them, more than they like to honour the letter if not the spirit of those words. 

My being on the receiving end of that kind of thoughtlessness, whether accidental or overt, has made me a bit of a cynic. I would prefer outright rejection to the disillusionment of a false promise. I may not like you for rejecting me, but my respect for you will be more.

If I were to be in the shoes of the above trangressor(s), and do the same thing (of failing to keep my word), I would feel extreme guilt–even if the circumstances were beyond my control to deliver.

Canadian authoress L.M. Montgomery wrote that “civilization cannot exist without a bit of hypocrisy.” My least favourite personal quality in myself is procrastination. You’ve heard of the parable of the farmer who went to sow the fields, but ended up never doing it because the cows needed to get milked, the chickens fed, the sheep needed shearing, ad infinitum? I don’t promise the moon unless I know I can do it. I would rather understate what I can do to others, because I know that my personal and professional expectations are often much higher than those others have for me. However, attaining the end results will also probably take longer than others expect, too.


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