Flowering Baby Pink Azalea Bush

A partially flowering Azalea bush. When it’s in full flower, it looks like a giant pink puffball. Like so many other plants that are strikingly beautiful, it is highly toxic (according to its Wikipedia profile, toxins reside in its leaves and nectar). I’m going to be wearing gloves, a clothespin, and protective eyewear whenever I’m even within five feet of flowers.



11 thoughts on “Flowering Baby Pink Azalea Bush

  1. I have seen some of the most beautiful specimens of azalea and rhododendrons in Vancouver, BC.
    Rhododendrons are as toxic to deer as azalea supposedly are, but the local deer have not read the manual – they love to take bites from both azaleas & rhodies. My azalea did not stand a chance, until I fenced it from deer. Now it can grow & thrive.

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    • oh, my! I did not realize that deer loved azaleas and rhodos (then again, the deer don’t really visit our particular neighbourhood). πŸ™‚ congratulations, Susan!!


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