Squirrels are Bird Feeder Raiders!

After finally being rewarded for our bird feeding efforts with both chickadees and an Anna’s hummingbird sipping from the hummingbird feeder today, seven or eight juncos playing tattoos on the fence and leaf-strewn floor, and even a few beaks pecking at the newly installed suet-filled bird feeder, we spotted this fella sneaking about the backyard. He froze/kept this pose for a good ten seconds. Maybe he believed that if he didn’t move, we wouldn’t see him. Oh really, did he think we were dinosaurs?



6 thoughts on “Squirrels are Bird Feeder Raiders!

  1. What a cute squirrel! (My dog just kicked me for making such a blasphemous statement) Are all the squirrels in your neighborhood that color? The ones around here are big fat gray ones.


  2. Now that I live in a place short on squirrels, they’re kind of wonderful and, in this case, beautiful. Very nice, how you got him to pose for you. πŸ™‚ (In all other places where there’s abundance of the things, squirrels are just rat-creepy.)


    • I agree, it’s cute when they’re just a “novelty item” πŸ™‚ this fella here is a regular visitor to the backyard. it’s funny how we find squirrels and rabbits adorable, but they are simply rats with long tails and long ears, respectively :).

      We have mallards and gulls galore in Vancouver, which oversaturates our curiosity with them … it’s like “seen one, seen them all.” πŸ™‚


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