The Song Sparrow Returneth!

Song Sparrow

back plumage of Song Sparrow

We are getting a crowd of feathered regulars just before noon to our backyard feeder now, but only a few are willing to let us capture their photogenic appearance with any degree of clarity before making off with their booty.

Less flighty than the chickadees, the Song Sparrow was content to wait on the fence (literally) before it returned to the much abused suet feeder (the squirrel took a big gouge out of two of the sides). We refilled the suet, put a discarded planter pot on the rope that connects the suet feeder to the tree branch, and hope the squirrel Continue reading

Daily Prompt: Childhood Revisited

Birthday Cake

Birthday cake photo credit: Will Clayton via flickr CC-BY-4.0

My earliest memory was the celebration of my third birthday. Everything else before that seemed to be one big sleep, and I just happened to wake up then. I sported two pigtails, my hair was parted down the middle, and was dressed up in a short, pink, semi-diaphanous dress with matching handbag. I remember playing with balloons attached to sticks. All my (older-aged, but not significantly older) maternal cousins were seated around the table with me and my twin brother.

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