The Song Sparrow Returneth!

Song Sparrow

back plumage of Song Sparrow

We are getting a crowd of feathered regulars just before noon to our backyard feeder now, but only a few are willing to let us capture their photogenic appearance with any degree of clarity before making off with their booty.

Less flighty than the chickadees, the Song Sparrow was content to wait on the fence (literally) before it returned to the much abused suet feeder (the squirrel took a big gouge out of two of the sides). We refilled the suet, put a discarded planter pot on the rope that connects the suet feeder to the tree branch, and hope the squirrel won’t be back to engage in random acts of vandalism while he’s busy depriving the dickey birdies of their bonus winter sustenance.

Song Sparrow

Song Sparrow sunning itself

The Song Sparrow was the only bird willing to wait while I shot images of it. These photos were taken at maximum zoom, but I was actually in the back yard–a mere 8 feet away–when said bird showed up as opposed to 20 feet award, shooting through glass from the second floor of the house. Maybe it didn’t beetle like the others did, because I was doing my poor best to mime the vocals of a bird to keep its attention. If I had to describe it, my birdsong sounded like it was coming from a bird with severe case of laryngitis. Still, my off-key warblings did the trick.

Song Sparrow

something got your attention, Song Sparrow?

Well before I saw it, I heard the aptly-named Song Sparrow chirping high above in the Douglas Firs. I wouldn’t doubt that a few of our visitors nest in these trees-they are well sheltered against their natural enemies. Apparently they (the males, of course), are prolific singers with quite a repertoire. According to its Wikipedia profile, “Enthusiasts report that one of the songs heard often in suburban locations closely resembles the opening four notes ofย Ludwig van Beethoven‘sย Symphony No. 5.”

Any chance you could hum a tune by Kenny G? ๐Ÿ™‚


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