Could You Please Put Out More Wild Bird Seed for Christmas Day?

Dark-Eyed Junco

seeds are running low! replenish, please!

(This Dark-Eyed Oregon male Junco seemed to say). He and his more camera-shy female counterpart were making short work of the wild bird seed in the blue dish on top of the “mushroom plant” late this afternoon.

And now that a female Downy Woodpecker has joined the daily throng of those who have already discovered the suet feeder (Woody was a bit too fast, bashing the nooks, to be captured by a run-of-the-mill digital camera lens), there’s even more competition for the food around here. On a related note: fortunately, the addition of the upended Continue reading

However You Say It: Merry Christmas / Season’s Greetings / Happy Holidays

Christmas ornament

Christmas ornament (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Well, it’s hard to believe that we’re about to celebrate another Christmas, and in a few more days, say goodbye to another year. It has been a rather eventful 365 days, and I find myself becoming more introspective with and about the passage of time.

I do not crave hot ticket items like iPhones or iPads (it is a running joke among those who know me well, that my knowledge of technology greatly exceeds my desire to acquire it). Money cannot buy Continue reading

Weekly Photo Challenge: One (II)

A sculpture of a young Buddhist acolyte slumbers peacefully, epitomizing a sense of serenity and oneness with the earth. Quite appropriate, since he is a fixture at the Secret Garden of Boundary Bay in Tsawwassen, BC–a garden created as an oasis from the stresses of daily life. Background has been digitally replaced with a solid black one.

Buddhist acolyte sleeps