A Christmas Post from the Resident Junco

Dark-Eyed Junco (female)

it’s the camera-shy missus

Did you think we were just going to visit our nestlings, mates, and a few of our fellow sparrows on Christmas Day, and not swing by for a bit of sweet fruit-and-nut indulgence first?

This time, though, we actually let the lady with that clickity-click device in her hands open the door and capture us doing our daily ‘stuff’ in our backyard (yes, it is our backyard; you’ll see that we have marked various and sundry places with our calling cards). We just pretended not to hear that white rectangle as it squeaked rather noisily open, just as we pretended not to see Ms. Photographer standing stock still in the door frame.


me in mid-munch

Though I really don’t know why she would want to record us doing such mundane things as eating seeds, flying, hopping from planter to grass (and back again), perching on branches, singing, and pecking at the suet feeder, but we are exceedingly photogenic creatures. It’s natural that her kind would want to capture every one of our moments.

The missus and I were battling over the bowl of the fresh wild bird seed (I hope this doesn’t make the Avian Daily for all the wrong reasons. We’re usually birds of a feather when it comes to most things: courtship, nest building, egg laying, and childrearing). It’s just that when it comes to food, I tend to think with the tummy first. We really should set a better example for the hatchlings. Maybe that ought to be our joint New Year’s Resolution.



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