From Spud to Stud


sweet potato fries (photo credit: happy via via flickr CC-BY-NC-ND-4.0)

It’s a poetic blog post title, but not entirely true. Despite my love of poutine, I do not resemble a couch potato … not even remotely. But I could drop a few pounds. Padlock that tub of ice cream, and lose the key to it. Switch to Chapman’s frozen yogurt (it’s not much of a sacrifice 🙂 ). Watch a few episodes (or even just one) of Extreme Weight Loss Edition to motivate me.

I am more likely to indulge in baked sweet potato frites than french fries–that’s somewhat healthy. So I’m telling myself that a six-pack (not of beer) is not out of the question. The muscle tone can definitely be firmed up. And to do that, I have to feel the burn. Stay (mentally) hungry and driven. Experience and enjoy the soreness that comes from lactic acid buildup in rarely used muscles.

Weights at the gym

gym weights (photo credit: akrabat via flickr CC-BY-NC-SA-4.0)

Exercise four hours a day. Embrace the merits of yoga, deep breathing, and the lotus position. Do deep knee bends wherever I can find a ledge to stabilize myself as I bounce up and down upon it. Do the stairs 100X a day. Get to sleep early instead of in the wee hours of the morning. Forgo a few hours of blogging on the computer.

Eat less pasta sauce. Get acquainted with the blender and drink a kale-and-avocado smoothie every few days. That’s not too bad, as I love the colour green and the vegetable kale (I’ve always been one for meals that can be drank in one sitting, rather than those I need to get teeth and jaws into, like steak and prawns–which doesn’t mean that I am a cheap date, though).

Green Smoothie

green smoothie photo credit: Wild Tofu via flickr CC-BY-4.0

As for avocado, I am attempting to grow those at home (if Tom Selleck can do it, so can I. The difference between us is that I actually am partial to the taste of avocado). So far, I have been rewarded with about eight-to-ten leaves and a foot of plant growth from three seeds sown in the late spring of last year. That’s a start.

As soon as I finish these crab (real crab, not pollock) pâté sandwiches, I’ll implement all these changes. Boy, am I so glad that I didn’t make any New Year’s Resolutions for 2014.


5 thoughts on “From Spud to Stud

  1. Oh my ….. I’m stressed out just reading this! Thank god research now shows 3 minutes of mindfulness and 20 minutes of movement (no burn needed) per day will keep us healthy…. and the occasional crab sandwich won’t do any harm either! Hope you really enjoyed it 🙂


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