A Gossip of Gouldian Finches?

Not that you need good weather (or a reason) to visit the Bloedel Conservatory, but lots of sunshine certainly helps to perk up the mood, especially after yesterday’s rain. If you don’t think birds gossip, here’s a photo to convince you otherwise — taken today. The middle Gouldian finch seems to be whispering something into the ear hole of the Gouldian finch on the right (who is giving me the eye and a disapproving look), while the Gouldian Finch on the left is offering me a butt shot, and the two other less gaudily-coloured Zebra finches are photobombing the picture. Photographed on January 3, 2014.

Gossiping Gouldian Finches

The red-faced Gouldian finch has fascinated me since it was made (or, more correctly, inducted to be) the spokesbird/posterchild for ViewSonic monitors (they have both the RGB and CMYK colour spectrums covered!) There are many more colour variations of Gouldian Finch beyond the Red-Faced, Orange-Faced and Black-Faced Gouldian finches — we saw a healthy assortment of colours! See the colour mutations possible here.


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