Bird-of-Paradise Plant

Now here is an example of beauty that has evolved to be both aesthetic (for humans) and functional/utilitarian (for the flowers and the birds). Not only does the Bird of Paradise Plant look like an avian Greater Bird-of-Paradise, its design actually encourages an ingenuous method of pollination by the appropriate bird!

Bird-of-Paradise Flower

According to its Wikipedia profile, “The flowers stand above the foliage at the tips of long stalks. The hard, beak-like sheath from which the flower emerges is the spathe. This is placed perpendicular to the stem, which gives it the appearance of a bird’s head and beak; it makes a durable perch for holding the sunbirds which pollinate the flowers. The flowers, which emerge one at a time from the spathe, consist of three brilliant orange sepals and three purplish-blue petals. Two of the blue petals are joined together to form an arrow-like nectary. When the sunbirds sit to drink the nectar, the petals open to cover their feet in pollen.”1

Source Credits:

1 Strelitzia reginae (

22 thoughts on “Bird-of-Paradise Plant

  1. Jeeeesh. What do you do? Paint those photos? Your shots have such amazing saturation.You either have a serious bad ass camera or you’re … you’re some kind of genius. (And I’m SURROUNDED by great photographers. Who isn’t, now that I think about it.)


    • not really! I’m not a good painter 🙂 I’m a bit of an old hand at digital manipulation, though 🙂

      it’s just a typical 10MP Kodak camera with 12X optical zoom. a bit long in the tooth 🙂

      you can, of course, always get amazing saturation by using the correct camera mode (e.g. vivid), but I’ve always preferred to put photos through the post processing stage (but only if they’re washed out) as it gives me greater control with the raw images.

      of course, given that the bird-of-paradise flower is colourful enough in its own right, touchup really wasn’t necessary! 🙂

      genius sounds great! 🙂 thanks!


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