Daily Prompt: Impossible

Alice in Wonderland - John Tenniel engraving

Alice in Wonderland – John Tenniel engraving (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” – the White Queen, Alice in Wonderland. In no particular order, here are six impossible things that I believe in (just six? there are so many more on my “Ripley’s List”!)

I Believe in Teleportation. And not in the gruesome, accidental hybridization of human and insect way that The Fly movie with Vincent Price (and all its subsequent, increasingly more unbelievable remakes) portrayed it to be. And non-linear time travel is just around the corner!

Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar using a hookah.

The Alice in Wonderland Caterpillar (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I Believe in Unicorns. It will be a blessing to finally see the so-called fabled animals that didn’t make it to the Ark on time (and, as a complete segue, how a group of unicorns came to be known as a blessing is beyond me). But if we can have two-headed cats, dogs, fish, six-legged deer, etc., by goodness, the mythical unicorn is alive and well for me.

I Believe in Transmogrification. Not the virtual kind. Seeing as we are so busy transforming ourselves during Hallowe’en into mythical and grotesque creatures, fairytale princesses, superheroes, political figures, and celebrities, it’s not a stretch to think of another form for our alter ego in the third dimension of reality.

I Believe I Can Win the Lottery. I will eventually win millions of dollars, and not when I am ninety-nine and not in control of my mental faculties anymore to appreciate my acquisition of such a windfall. It is a dream and disillusion that I persist in believing.

I Believe I Can Speak and Understand Every Spoken Tongue without the Rosetta Stone. Once I have unlocked that part of the brain that instinctively and intuitively comprehends the syntax and nuances of every spoken language in the world, I will be one hot commodity as a Translator.

I Believe I Can Fly. I’ve done it in my dreams plenty of times, simply by thinking flying thoughts. Although it is less flying than swooping. Put aside the possible Freudian implications of this ability, and the R. Kelly song of the same name. I Want to Believe!


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