A Princess Parrot Named Monty

This gallery contains 3 images. I am a bit amused when fauna is given ‘genderizing’ names like ‘ladybug’, ‘black widow’, and ‘Lady Gouldian Finch’ (the ‘lady’ part was later dropped), and the Princess Parrot is no exception (even if it has blueblood connotations). The Bloedel Conservatory has one such diva … I mean, star: Monty, the Princess Parrot (a name which did not come about because of the pink “lipstick” on his beak, and the rising pink blush on his throat).

Princess Parrot

Monty loves the attention that his handler(s) bestow upon him, but is a little cautious around strangers. He was not content to merely nibble from the bowls of seeds in his own area, but often pays visits to the finches’ feeding stations on the other side of the conservatory as well to raid–I mean, partake of the bounty there–and in no small measure. His head pops up from the finches’ seed bowl; he knows when he’s been made, he’s guity as charged, but he doesn’t care! 🙂

Princess Parrot

I know what that Black-Headed Gouldian finch is thinking: Why is this guy stealing my seeds? Maybe there is some truth to the name (Princess Parrots are also known as Queen Alexandra Parrots). He certainly seems to be pulling royal privilege and rank around here!

Princess_Parrot, Black-Headed Gouldian Finch


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