Backyard Critter Closeups

This gallery contains 4 images. Someone in the bird community must have put out the word that the best place for free seeds, free suet, and fresh water was our backyard. The last day and a half  has seen every regular feathered creature visit — and then some, in spades. Today alone we had a couple of Spotted Towhees (three of these solitary foragers were foraging yesterday in tandem), three Varied Thrushes, eight Dark-Eyed Juncos, two Red-Shafted Northern Flickers, one common Starling, five Black-Capped Chickadees, and ten Grey Bushtits do a stopover (of which six tried to feed from the suet feeder at the same time) come back every few minutes.

I even spotted a couple of bald eagles soaring directly overhead about an hour ago. Even the naughty squirrel was spotted on the fence innocently stuffing his cheeks. But thankfully, no crows today.

While refilling both the seed bowl and the suetfeeder (twice! yesterday and today), I managed to get really close to some of these subjects (these are the ones who didn’t turn into blurs 🙂 ). I figured that if they get used to our presence, they’ll eventually ignore me when I’m there. I was proven correct with the chickadees, Juncos, and one Towhee.


4 thoughts on “Backyard Critter Closeups

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