Daily Prompt: All Grown Up

When was the first time I really felt like a grown up (if ever)? I have been raised to act responsibly, even from a very young age (although when you’re seven, that kind of parental advice doesn’t get much traction in an often easily distracted mind.

Being grown up implies some kind of maturity (physical and/or psychological), so most of the time, I don’t really feel my chronological age–even now. Sometimes I feel like I am still eighteen; other times, I feel like I am eighty and have seen and experienced so much. Most times, though, I feel ageless/immortal. 🙂 I’d like to say that first time was when I (successfully) stood up for myself in front of some grade 6 bullies (and dispatched a couple of these Neanderthals via rather unorthodox means), but that was more a sense of immediate triumph about it than a sign of maturity on my part.

For some people, when they can drink, drive (but not at the same time), or graduate with their high-school diploma is the usual milestone. As I skipped both drinking and the grad party, neither are particularly relevant for me. The driving license was a hard-fought achievement, but I was not particularly ecstatic to exercise my newfound skills behind the wheel, as I considered them to be more of a necessary evil than something to take joy in–so it was not a rite of passage into adulthood for me, either. (It’s amusing to think about it, but in Vancouver, BC, one could once drive (at 16) — before one could or vote (at 18) or drink (at 19).

It’s not even when I bought my first car, or moved out on my own, or even got my BBA.

The first time I felt grown up was when I had to fly to Alberta several years ago to oversee a seminar/workshop for our Calgary-based business clientele. I was the event planner, and had a handful of my colleagues present as well. The fact that they constantly looked to me and depended on me to manage them with respect to every single aspect of the event — from registration to setup to takedown made me feel like an adult for the first time (the other thought on my mind was, “I have so many mouths to feed! Do we have enough food?” As it turned out, our Calgary clientele was a very courteous and friendly bunch whom we had to beg to partake more generously of the complimentary refreshments and comestibles, because there was so much food left over!)

Maturity came with a price, though; I lost 5 lbs in those two days, obsessing over every detail and barely able to eat or sleep as I went over every detail of that event in my mind and on paper. 🙂

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4 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: All Grown Up

  1. Wow, that sounds like you catapulted past grown up to head of the universe! And, frankly, compared to my criteria, sounds torturous! I just needed a vacuum cleaner. (I’m sorry. Was your prompt about FEELING grown up or actually being it?)


    • ROTFL! it’s supposed to be feeling grown up. most of the time, though, I don’t really feel any particular age. let’s pretend that I am one of the Lord of the Rings elves and I’m a few hundred years old. 🙂


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