Daily Prompt: Quote Me

I have a favourite quote that I return to again and again. It is “give a fish to a man, and you feed him for a day. Show him how to catch a fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Why does it move me? Because teaching (and mentoring) others encourages initiative, develops skillsets for the student, and imparts a sense of accomplishment on personal and professional levels for me. It does require a lot of patience, because the novel can be hard to understand, and, as a marketing specialist and creative consultant, I may need to teach the same concepts and principles to those newer in the trade, in several different ways. Repetition is good for building deep convolutions in the brain.

Teaching someone is the difference between giving them the fish (“the easy way”, or “handing it to them on a silver platter”), and giving them the skills to not only catch the fish themselves, but improve on the methodology, process, or efficiency of doing so (i.e. delivering enough of the foundation to enable them to search for the answer on their own (“the difficult way”, a process that is often time consuming, but ultimately is more intrinsically rewarding, too — for both parties).


3 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Quote Me

Your comments are like chocolate for my soul ... I can never get enough of them! Bonus brownie points for witty comments! I love a good turn of phrase. :)

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