A Finch Feast, I Mean, Fest

This gallery contains 3 photos. I can’t resist finches. They are so adorable, and a welcome sight for sore eyes. The first photo shows a Black-Headed Gouldian finch (blue mutation) accompanied by three Zebra finches (two males of normal mutation, and one Chestnut Flanked male) eating the seeds that have fallen from the feeding stations.

A Quartet of Finches

Nature had to reinvent her palette when she made you! Here is a Red-Headed Gouldian Finch with a mauve (instead of a deep blue) breast, shot perching on a nearby branch against a colourful background. It’s hard to believe that Gouldian Finches are actually endangered in the wild, but given the loss of their native habitats, their bright plumage makes them easy targets for predators.

Gouldian Finch on Branch

One Black-Headed Gouldian Finch with a mauve breast, and two Red-Headed Gouldian Finches showing me what they think of my camera. Thank you for confirming the colours of your posteriors. 🙂

3 Gouldian Finches Feeding


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