Greenwing Macaw Sisters

This gallery contains 2 photos. These parrots are common sights at the local pet stores. This pair of Greenwing Macaws are sisters Carmen and Maria, and they are the first ambassadors of the Bloedel Conservatory (they have been residents there for more than 25 years!1 But you both still look lovely, darlings, and not a day over 22!) Many of our shots of them in their habitat showed them grooming each other or dancing on their perches; they were rarely still for a moment.

Green-Winged Macaw Sisters

Greenwing Macaws are often mistaken for the similarly coloured Scarlet Macaws; both have a predominance of red (breast) feathers. They are second only in size to the gorgeous dark blue Hyacinth Macaws. Grooming builds important social bonds between these colourful, long-lived (up to 50 years), intelligent, and voluble parrots.

Green-Winged Macaw Sisters

Source Credits:
1 The Sisters from Salt Spring Island (


3 thoughts on “Greenwing Macaw Sisters

  1. I’m just tired of telling you how good your bird photos are. (hahaha.) How about taking a crappy one once in awhile?

    Re: the birds. Can you tell them apart? The different breeds or brands or sorts or however they get categorized?


    • I have many blurs I can post, if you’d like 🙂 🙂 🙂

      I have studied many bird breeds in the past, so I am acquainted with a fair number, but Google Images helps for the ones I am unfamiliar with 🙂


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