L’il Scene (and Heart) Stealers

This gallery contains 3 photos. Not three feet away from me: the hard-to-photograph Black-Capped Chickadee. This is the closest I have gotten to any chickadee and had a nice, clear photo to prove it! This little guy (not entirely successful in playing peek-a-boo with me), and a few more of his kind, were curious about the song I was singing; they were constantly hopping from kiwi tree branch to laurel bush, trying to figure out the source of that noise.

Black-Capped Chickadee Plays Hide-and-Seek

Honourable mentions go to this bold little Oregon Junco. The Juncos are always happy to pose for the camera, and usually won’t scatter (even if the door has been opened and I’m shooting them from a few feet away). If there’s one bird species who will feed from the hand first, it’s got to be them.

Junco Sitting Pretty on Limb

And finally, I’ve got to give kudos to the robins, who were taking bird baths in the puddles between the speed bumps out on the main road and really living it up on the front lawn! This particular one was snacking on the cotoneaster berries. I thought the robins had made off with all the berries on our cotoneaster bushes before December, but the flock that showed up this morning proved me wrong!

Robin on Cotoneaster Bush


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