My Favourite TV/Internet Commercials

In my opinion, when “there’s nothing on TV”, commercials can often be more interesting to watch than regular programming. Some ad campaigns are truly memorable and stand the test of time–and they don’t have to be run during the Super Bowl 🙂 to catch my attention or garner my vote. Here’s to revisiting a few of my favourites from the vault; these ones will make me hit the Pause button on whatever I’m doing, and watch.


I’ve always loved movies (and by that extension, commercials) that use Claymation animation techniques. One doesn’t normally expect to get excited or feel loyal about gasoline or its ingredients (of all products), but Chevron scores a winner with its Techron talking cars campaigns through the years.


A timeless classic that IKEA trots out a couple of times a year (usually every summer and winter). How many of us have been in a situation where we either get something for free (when an item fails to show up on the receipt or a credit card statement) or the price rung up on the cash register is much much lower than the in-store price? My eyes bug out while my lips stay buttoned, and I have certainly used the phrase “Start the car!” 🙂 Original and funny without being coarse.


K-Mart’s “I Ship My Pants” campaign/tagline is good for a chuckle, skirts the edge of good taste, and just squeaks by TV censors with a barely G- rated commercial that showcases earnest and enthusiastic testimonials from satisfied families. With campaigns like this, it’s a shame we don’t have K-Marts in Canada anymore (which were converted into Zellers, which also–ironically–don’t exist anymore in Canada, either, having been supplanted by Target).


Pooches are cute. A group of pooches is super cute. The Pedigree Dentastix campaign juxtaposes this parade of pulchritudinousness against nice pearly teeth and ear-to-ear smiles for a commercial that overdoses on the “awwws” and never fails to make me smile. If Dentastix are that effective, just imagine what they can do for human mouths!


Dogs can smile, but cats can sing! And boy, they are great at karaoke. 🙂 The Meow Mix 1982 song is so catchy that I just had to figure out all the lyrics to it. And the bouncing ball is such a nostalgic trip!


You may have noticed the decided slant of commercials with animals in them. Scotland is a beautiful country that I wouldn’t mind visiting one day, but Shetland Pony Socks, dancing and moonwalking to the strains of Fleetwood Mac’s “Everywhere” 1988 hit single, really puts the Shetland Islands on the map in a big way, becoming an overnight viral sensation with over 1 million hits in just a few days and over 8 million views to date.


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