Don’t Play Coy With Me!

This gallery contains 4 photos. WARNING: CUTE FACTOR HIGH. Six feet away is the Song Sparrow on the suet feeder (the closest I’ve gotten to one of his kind). But he’s a little less trusting of me than the Juncos are. He keeps at least one eye on me (me being behind another plum tree). Or perhaps he’s being saucy and impudent?

Song Sparrow eyes me

We almost never see more than one Song Sparrow in the backyard, and being quite the solo aria singer, he certainly lives up to his name. He seems downright suspicious now and pauses.

Song Sparrow pauses

This is the only shot where I get a back shot of him. Maybe he thinks I’ve disappeared. The Song Sparrow has a routine for getting on the suet feeder: first he hops up on the peach tree “next door”, and then the hockey stick stake, and then the third hop takes him to the suet feeder, where he clings resourcefully to the suet feeder via use of the notches.

Song Sparrow back

Blurry, but I like this action shot. My kingdom for a better burst mode and a DSLR camera!

Song Sparrow lands on suet feeder


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