House Finches Don’t Flinch

This gallery contains 3 photos. Despite sub-zero temperatures which turned the sugar water into the hummingbird feeder into a round block of ice, I did spot a familiar green shape–an Anna’s hummingbird–flitting through the laurel bushes. I’m not sure if putting out a second bowl of seeds this afternoon, or scattering seeds all over the lawn created a feeding frenzy. It brought the newest visitors to the backyard, a pair of House Finches for the last-minute feeding today.


The hubby and missus are very social birds and get along, even when feeding with other bird species. They didn’t attack the Juncos (who are likely to bicker with each other), who were feeding from the same seed bowl, but ate ‘co-operatively’! Pacifists. 🙂


These photos of the male House Finch were shot through the windows of the second floor sunroom in the fading light of day.


The male was happy to pose, while his mate was content to eat.


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