I’ve Got Crabs!

This gallery contains 2 photos. Sorry! It’s “I’ve got the crab.” 🙂 This poor thing was frozen on the beach, although the fact that it was belly up (I’ve righted it back into a more convivial position) on a piece of driftwood leads me to believe that it may have been the intended meal of a shorebird. The shell (which measured about 4-6 inches across) and legs (all of them) on this young Dungeness Crab still look relatively whole and intact.

Dungeness Crab on log

Here’s another view of said crab. I don’t usually do animal “morgue shots” … it’s too sad. But seeing one of these crustaceans in the winter is a rarity, albeit in this case, a bit of a sobering one.

Dungeness Crab on log


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