The Frozen Tide

This gallery contains 5 photos. Although it did not snow in Vancouver this past Sunday (as promised), these pictures clearly show the frozen waters at Boundary Bay Regional Park–giving the appearance and impression of snow. We trudged out some 100 yards from the shore onto these semi-frozen waters. Some “frozen tides” were as tall as eighteen-and-a-half inches!

The Frozen Tide (small)

This is the ragged border where ice meets sand. Although temperatures had warmed up to 0 C from the previous day’s low of -6 C, I could still feel the cold seeping through my well-gloved hands.


A couple of juvenile bald eagles take to the air a couple of miles out from the beach. We spotted four such juveniles in the area, roosting on their ice floe runways.

Two Soaring Young Bald Eagles

Taken at maximum optical zoom is a solitary gull, foraging for food on the ice pack. In many of our other long-distance photos, there are plenty of seagulls keeping mixed company with the bald eagles–clearly the former aren’t worried about being eaten by these birds of prey. The American Wigeons and Mallards were “penguin-walking” on their frozen pond, or swimming in groups in the only liquid parts of the pond.

Gull Forages on the Ice Pack

Here is a close up of ice crystals (not taken in Macro mode). This shot turned out much better than the photo taken in Extreme (Super) Macro mode.



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