Mystery Visitor Solved: It’s a Female Red-winged Blackbird!

This gallery contains 4 photos. We’ve recently added the very premium Nyjer seeds to the mix. This very breezy morning brought a female Red-Winged Blackbird. She’s a HUGE bird, filling out the second seed bowl and almost giving the Varied Thrush a run for the money where size is concerned, but is still small enough to fit inside the bowl … barely.

Big Reddish Brown Sparrow

Having noticed only the male Red-Winged Blackbirds before (with their red-and-yellow epaulettes), we were surprised to learn that that the female’s colours were so … well, different!

Big Reddish Brown Sparrow

We thought the female plumage would be a muted version of the males, maybe grey with faded red and orange on the wings. We couldn’t be more wrong. Many thanks to Aunt Giki at A Home for Wild Birds for the correct identification–we would have thought we discovered a new species, otherwise! 🙂

Big Reddish Brown Sparrow

Rather than startle this newcomer, we shot these photos from 25 feet away on the second floor. Hopefully when it (and the House Finches) get more accustomed to us, closer, “beyond-the-glass” photos will be a possibility!

Big Reddish Brown Sparrow


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