Well, Here’s Hopin’

In another attempt to lure the Anna’s Hummingbirds to the backyard, we picked up this much more colourful feeder. They have been spotted sipping nectar in backyards and gardens — just not ours! They won’t start today, which began sunnily enough. But by early afternoon, clouds had moved in, and gale force winds of 90 km/hr (predicted for yesterday) struck and lingered for a couple of hours.

New HummingBird Feeder Closeup

Ironically, the Black-Capped Chickadees were out in force earlier today, drinking in droves from the old hummingbird feeder. Usually, we’ll see one or two of them sipping nectar every few days or perching on the heads of the broccoli plants. So to avoid breaking their hearts or upsetting the Chickadees’ “routine”, we now have two hummingbird feeders set out.


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